Tips When Using an Excavator to Dig a Trench

If you are starting a renovation project on your property that requires a trench, it is best to use an excavator to get the job done. This is a piece of heavy equipment that is ideal for digging and can make the project much more efficient. The depth of the trench that is required does not matter, because an excavator can be used to dig both long and short depths. Before you begin digging with an excavator, it is important for you to be aware of the tips that can help make your project much simpler and improve safety.


It is always important that you take the time to prepare the area where you are going to dig the trench. This means that you not only need to remove all plants and vegetation that exist within this area, but you also need to mark a line. This line will be your guide as you are digging the trench. Digging in a straight line is almost impossible if you are relying on the naked eye alone. You can mark the space where you want to dig using a chalk line or stake markers. Just be sure that you have the excavator aligned with your markers before you begin digging. These reference points will ensure that you are able to dig a trench that is straight.

Top Soil

You should always begin digging a trench by removing just the top soil from the area where you want to dig the trench. The depth of top soil that you remove should be a few inches. You can then take the top soil layer that you have removed and set it aside. The other soil that you remove when digging the trench should also be stored out of your way to ensure that it does not fall into the trench while you are digging. If you are completing a job where the trench needs to be refilled, you can reuse the soil and the top soil that you have set aside.


You also need to make sure that your excavator is level before you begin digging. This can be done by making sure that you have dirt under the tracks of the excavator. You can place enough dirt under each of the tracks to make sure that the excavator is level and will not tip over once you begin digging. Digging a trench that is level is only possible if your excavator is also level.

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