Four Benefits of Armrests on Suspension Seats

If you are looking for new suspension seats for your fleet of work vehicles, opt for high-backed seats with lumbar support, but also, don't forget to choose seats with arm supports. Are you wondering why armrests are so important? Here are some things to consider:

1. Arm rests help drivers to avoid slumping.

If a driver is in a seat without armrests, he or she may be more likely to slouch or to lean forward toward the steering wheel. These positions put unnecessary pressure on the driver's back and can lead to pains and strains. By giving the driver somewhere to place his or her arms, armrests discourage slumping and leaning.

2. Padded arm rests can alleviate shoulder and neck tension.

When your drivers have a comfortable place to rest their arms, it helps them to relax their shoulders. Without armrests, drivers may instinctively hunch and tighten their shoulders to hold their arms in a driving position. Because of this, armrests can help to reduce shoulder strains and neck tension in drivers, and when you rely on your drivers every single day to provide labour for your company, you need to ensure they are comfortable and not straining their necks, shoulders or backs.

3. Arm rests help with lateral support.

Armrests encourage drivers to rest both arms and keep their backs positioned straight toward the front of their truck. In particular, they also help to prevent leaning or twisting to one side or the other by giving the driver a subtle physical reminder of straight posture. This position helps to alleviate strains in the lateral muscles.

If you have a lot of drivers who have lateral pain, you may want to augment the armrests with a lateral support cushion. These cushions fit against the back of the suspension seat, and they feature two wedge shaped cushions situated on either side of the driver, helping to keep his or her back and lateral muscles in line.

4. Armrests can be adjustable.

If you are buying new suspension seats for your trucks, keep in mind that different drivers may need different types of armrests. To that end, look for seats with adjustable arm rests. That way, your drivers can move them up or down as needed based on their heights, and they can change the angle of the armrests depending on where they need support.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of armrests or other ergonomic features of suspension seats, contact a suspension seat company.