3 Things to Consider When Outsourcing Excavation Services

If you are working on a construction project that requires excavation, it would be affordable and more efficient to outsource the services to a reputed company. Excavation professionals have the right equipment and workforce to manage the task without any hitches. That means you won't have to incur the cost of buying an excavator or hiring an experienced operator. However, before hiring the company, you need to iron out a few issues to avoid surprises in the future. Doing this will also enable you to understand the scope of the job and prepare your property adequately. The following are some of the things that you should ask about before outsourcing the excavation project.

Disturbance to property

Excavation projects can cause minimal or extensive disturbance to property depending on how much land is being worked on. If the property is occupied at the time of the project, you have to know how much disruption will be caused so that you can inform the occupants. For example, a large project will involve a lot of noise and earth moving. Ask about the extent of disturbance and whether it will be possible to keep it to a minimum. If this is not possible, you can reschedule the project for a weekend when no one is using the property.

Protection of underground utilities

 A developed property has underground utility lines such as electrical wiring and plumbing pipes. During an excavation project, the excavator can accidentally cut and break utilities as it moves the earth. This can result in plumbing leaks, electrical hazards, and huge losses. Make sure that the service provider is aware of the presence of utilities on your property. They can use the building plans to locate the pipes and ensure that the excavating equipment is not used near the utility lines. However, if damage occurs, the provider should be ready to take responsibility and fix the issue.

Waste collection

A lot of dirt will be piled up on your property during an excavation project. If the project area has shrubs or vegetation, it will also be uprooted in the process. Where will all the waste go? You obviously won't want to be left with piles of dirt and vegetation lying around. Hiring a waste collection company will result in increased costs, and you may not have factored them into your budget. Reach out to the excavator hire company and make sure that they include cleanup in their project costs.

The seemingly little issues in an excavation project can throw off the entire project. Hire a reputable excavation company and talk about these things before commencing the work.