Construction Hoists: Three Indispensable Tips for Acquiring Personnel Lifts

If you are looking for simple and unobtrusive equipment for lifting personnel on your construction site, you should consider purchasing or renting a man hoist. This type of system is advantageous because it will promote speed and efficiency during the building or renovation process. Also, it will eliminate the need for using and straining the internal lift if you have one installed. In addition, man hoists are versatile and can be used to handle materials and tools alongside the personnel. Here are some tips for selecting the best equipment for your construction project.

Check the Weight Limits

The most important consideration for choosing any type of lifting system is the maximum capacity. In simple terms, if the chosen hoisting equipment cannot handle the weight which will be exerted, it will be useless for the construction work. When selecting your man hoist, you should calculate the amount of weight which must be handled during each lift.

In general, it is advisable to take into account the number of workers who will be on the lift and their average weight. You must also determine the mass of the equipment, tools and materials to be hoisted. It is not necessary to acquire a lift with the highest capacity. However, the hoist should be capable of handling enough weight to promote optimal productivity.

Evaluate the Dimensions

The optimal dimensions of the lifting car should be taken into account before the selection of a construction man hoist. You should keep in mind that the utility of the equipment will be limited if the space is too small, even if the weight capacity is exceptional. Typically, the hoist manufacturers will indicate the number of people who will fit into the lift. However, you must also need to think about factors which could affect space usage such as personal safety gear or individual tools.

Consider the Lift Speed

The speed of the man hoist will determine the travel time. The travel time might not be important for smaller structures, but it can be critical for high-rise buildings. If the hoist has low lifting speed, there will be a decline in productivity. This will be particularly true if you are planning on using a single lift for both personnel and materials. Typically, the speed of the hoist will be indicated on the equipment specifications. You can choose the most appropriate machine for your worksite.

Other significant considerations for choosing the best man hoist include the controls, power demand, mast climbers, safety accessories and the type of motor. 

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