Did You Hire a Tower Crane? 3 Pro Tips to Ensure Crane Safety During Your Construction Project

Tower cranes are some of the essential machines in a skyscraper construction project. They help you get your materials to high levels with minimal effort. Although tower cranes are inevitable in skyscraper construction sites, some people may ignore the risks involved in handling them.

You must understand the proper safety measures to take when using tower cranes to avoid injuries and damage during your project. Read on to find out the three crane safety measures you need to put in place on your construction site.

1. Allow Only Trained and Experienced Operators

Cranes are delicate and complicated machines. That's why you should only assign professionals with the proper training and experience to handle the equipment. In Australia, it is easy to confirm if an operator is trained or not, as every trained crane operator gets a High-Risk License. Before the professionals get this license, they must prove that they understand the crane inside out and the proper techniques to use when operating it. 

Apart from operating the machine, trained professionals can help you choose an ideal crane for your project. By getting suitable cranes, you will avoid wasting valuable time looking for another crane in the middle of the project. 

2. Pay Close Attention to the Wind Patterns

Using a crane when it is too windy is risky because the crane can lose its balance and trip over. When this happens, the crane could get damaged and destroy other items on the site. Worse still, it can cause injuries to the operator and those around it. For this reason, it is always vital to double-check the wind speed ratings in your area before you begin crane operations. Moreover, you should confirm that the equipment's wind rating is suitable for your environment before buying or renting it.

It is recommendable to check the wind speeds and weather reports each day before operating your crane. If the wind speeds are high, then you should be prepared to put your work on hold. A skilled operator can help you analyse wind speeds and determine if it is safe to use the crane. 

3. Be Careful with Overhead Powerlines

If you are constructing near overhead powerlines, it is vital to carry out a risk assessment before the project begins. By doing this, you will determine if your crane will get close to the powerlines. If you discover a risk of electrocution, you may need to take extra measures, such as coordinating with the utility company. They may need to disconnect the power during the operations. 

It is essential to remain safe when using a tower crane. So, follow the safety measures listed above when operating your cranes to avoid accidents and damage. For more tips, contact a company like Everwilling Cranes.