The Many Uses of Concrete Sand

Concrete sand, also known as sharp sand, is a naturally occurring material. It is usually made from rocks such as granite or limestone that have been crushed and washed. The result is a type of sand with large coarse grains that has a wide variety of uses in construction.

Here are some of the situations in which concrete sand will be the ideal material. 


Sand is a vital ingredient in concrete, and concrete sand is especially suited for this purpose. Its large, coarse grains provide plenty of surface area for the cement and water to bind with, which makes the resulting concrete very strong. This makes it an ideal material for construction projects. It is often used to make a concrete base for paving slabs. It can also be used to make driveways or other types of hard outdoor surfaces that will need to be tough and hard-wearing. It also makes a good base for setting posts in the ground as it will be strong enough to hold them in place.


Concrete sand on its own is also useful for landscaping projects. One common use is to level out ground that is uneven. It also makes a good base for setting things in place, such as underground pipes or septic tanks. Its coarse texture means that it will provide adequate drainage while firming up the ground.

Soil improving

A third use for concrete sand is for gardening and farming. Concrete sand added to soil will improve its drainage and structure. It is particularly useful with clay soils, as it will loosen the soil and soften its texture — concrete sand has a very low clay content and so will form a contrast to this type of soil. It is also a useful addition to compost mixtures when propagating plants or root cuttings.

Top dressing

Finally, concrete sand is often used as a top dressing for surfaces such as lawns and golf courses. It offers good drainage while providing excellent traction because of its coarse texture. This makes it a good choice for gritting icy roads. It is also an ideal top-dressing material for horse arenas for the same reason.

Concrete sand is a very versatile material that is an essential part of many construction projects. If you are still unsure, just talk to your supplier who will be able to recommend the right type of sand for your needs.

If you're ready to buy concrete sand, reach out to a supplier near you.