Residential Landscaping: Uses of Bobcats

The compact design of bobcats makes them generally smaller in size as compared to many other heavy construction equipment like backhoes, but it is that particular attribute that contributes to the versatility of the machines. Bobcats are commonly used to perform a wide range of construction projects including site excavations and demolition of structures. But this machinery can be used to do more than just that. When rented out to residential property owners, bobcats can be used to do a host of different landscaping projects, including the following:

Four Benefits of Armrests on Suspension Seats

If you are looking for new suspension seats for your fleet of work vehicles, opt for high-backed seats with lumbar support, but also, don't forget to choose seats with arm supports. Are you wondering why armrests are so important? Here are some things to consider: 1. Arm rests help drivers to avoid slumping. If a driver is in a seat without armrests, he or she may be more likely to slouch or to lean forward toward the steering wheel.

Carry Out Your Landscaping Projects Efficiently and Responsibly

Achieving the ideal landscape for your garden is hard work. Not only do you have to spend time (and money) consulting landscape architects to come up with the right design, but putting those designs into practice requires hard labour and heavy equipment. Still, taking a gamble on a home landscaping project makes good economic sense. Homes with landscaped gardens sell for as much as 28 percent more than similar homes in their area, and landscaping can have a return on investment as high as 150 percent.

5 Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Earthmoving Machinery

Earthmoving equipment such as excavators, articulated trucks or wheel tractor scrapers should be maintained regularly to reduce the likelihood of malfunctioning. Well-serviced machines also minimize the chances of job-site injuries. You also save money that would otherwise have been put to buying expensive spare parts. Furthermore, regular maintenance improves the bottom line of your business because you do not waste time and money as a result of job delays because your earthmoving equipment has broken down.

Good Things Come In Small Packages: What To Look For When Hiring A Mini Excavator

Hiring a full-size excavator for limited excavation work, such as trench digging and landscaping, can often feel like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and most excavator hire companies will also offer a range of mini excavators for smaller work sites. These robust little pieces of machinery boast surprising power and tremendous versatility -- however, not every excavator is made equal, and you should pay close attention to the specifications of your mini excavator before you hire one.