Residential Landscaping: Uses of Bobcats

The compact design of bobcats makes them generally smaller in size as compared to many other heavy construction equipment like backhoes, but it is that particular attribute that contributes to the versatility of the machines. Bobcats are commonly used to perform a wide range of construction projects including site excavations and demolition of structures. But this machinery can be used to do more than just that. When rented out to residential property owners, bobcats can be used to do a host of different landscaping projects, including the following:

Landscape grading

Need to have your yard or lawn graded? A bobcat will provide you with greater stability and depth to work with when you are levelling the soil. The simple advantage that you can cut out much larger buckets of soil at a time as compared to when using a small handheld tool is going to considerably slash the time required to do the job. Using a bobcat also saves on project time because the machine is easy to manoeuvre around the landscape with, given its huge tyres and simplified controls. What is more, the heavy weight of the equipment will effectively "press" the soil as you grade. This leads to better soil compaction.

Start work by identifying a spot that is nearly on the same level as the desired grade. Once a level spot has been identified, shave down and fill the high and low spots with new soil so that the ground is as level as possible. It is perfectly normal for your machine to bog down when it hits a very high spot. In such a situation, just reverse the machine a little bit, lift the bucket and slowly move forward again. Do this repeatedly until the high spot is sufficiently shaved down.

Tree stump removal

If there is a large tree stump you need taken out of your compound, you can use a bobcat for the job. All you need to do is make sure the machine is armed with the right attachment; a stump bucket with grapple. The teeth of the bucket will help unearth the roots of the tree stump before it is chained up and pulled out of the ground.

Make sure that the chains used to remove the stump are strong enough so they can withstand the "pulling" force exerted on the stump by the bobcat. Also, the chains must be properly secured on the stump to avoid situations where the machine ends up ramming into adjacent structures due to loose connections. Driving forward slowly can help prevent such an accident.

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