A Guide To Buying Trailer Parts

Does your trailer need replacement parts such as axles, couplings, a trailer bed, landing gears, or suspension systems? Finding the right parts for your trailer can be pretty challenging. Nevertheless, the insights in this article should prove valuable. 

There are two classes of trailers: mass-produced and customised trailers. If you own a mass-produced trailer, you have an easy time securing spare parts since you can find them at your local dealership or car wrecking yards. The rule is to ensure that the part purchased is compatible with your trailers. To this effect, use the part number on the faulty component to identify similar parts. 

If you own a custom trailer, contact the manufacturer to establish whether your trailer shares parts with other trailers. Most custom manufacturers replicate parts from other trailers to ensure their clients have an easy time conducting routine maintenance and repairs. In some instances, the trailer will have unique parts. For example, it could be that you had the equipment specially manufactured to transport oversized or very heavy loads. If this is the case, contact the manufacturer and inquire about the availability of the component. If you cannot find it, take the damaged component to a trailer part refurbishing company. The professionals at the facility will repair the part to a near-new condition. 

In some cases, you might opt to purchase a used trailer part to save costs. If this is the case, make the following inquiries from the dealer; 

  • What was the condition of the trailer that the part was extracted from? If the part comes from a wrecked trailer, examine it for damage that could compromise its functionality.
  • Does the dealer know the mileage on the used part? It can help determine how long the part will last on your trailer.
  • What is the part's build quality? For instance, parts made from steel and aluminium will last longer than those made from iron or copper.
  • Does the used part have a warranty? It indicates that the seller is sure about the part's condition. 

In some cases, you might want to upgrade the current trailer parts. For instance, you might want to convert the standard leaf-spring to an air suspension system. The rule is to consult your mechanic and search the internet to establish the project's viability. If the parts required are aftermarket, conduct due diligence to ensure the manufacturer makes high-quality parts. Remember to examine local traffic regulations to ensure the upgraded trailer is road legal. 

Contact an auto shop for more information about trailer parts